How It Works

Treasure Trove is not only a local directory of amazing shops, restaurants, and services in your neighbourhood… It’s also an interactive treasure hunt adventure!

Every adventure leads participants through a series of clues to new and interesting locations. These one-day, family-friendly events focus on a neighbourhood or district of Toronto in which you can walk, run or ride your bike, scooter, skateboard, inline skates, whatever!

Not only will you meet the awesome small business owners that help our community thrive, but you’ll also have a shot at winning prizes, including gift certificates, products and services, or a cash grand prize of $1,000!

How to participate in a treasure hunt

Registering for an upcoming hunt is easy! Simply enter your name, email and cellphone number on the Registration Page. You can also text the word “registration” to 866-555-1212 and we’ll hook you up!

On the day of the hunt, you’ll receive instructions to your first location by SMS text message. Each location has a riddle or trivia question that you must answer correctly to get your next location. When you’ve found the riddle/question, text your answer back to receive the next location.

When you’ve reached the final location, you’ll automatically be entered into a random draw for the grand prize – $1,000 cash (well, a cheque, actually.)

There are lots of other prizes and games along the way, so have fun and sure you don’t rush through or miss out! Remember, it’s a hunt, not a race! The goal is to discover the treasure trove of local shops, restaurants and services right in your community!