Treasure Trove Toronto was born out of a profound commitment to our city, especially in the face of the challenges posed by COVID-19. The pandemic brought significant changes in shopping trends. Many businesses were forced to shut down, creating an opportunity for new ones to move in and transform the retail makeup of our neighbourhoods. We saw this as a critical moment to not only revitalize local businesses but also provide a safe and engaging way for our community to rediscover their city.

One of the most significant challenges we continue to see local businesses struggle with is competition with larger corporations and online retailers. Additionally, many residents and tourists are unaware of the unique products and services available in different neighbourhoods. We are driven to address these challenges with Treasure Hunt Adventures, which not only provides exposure to local businesses but also offers participants a fresh and engaging way to explore and appreciate their city.

About the website

There is no shortage of online directories. However, our approach elevates us above the rest. We believe that a simple listing is not enough to ensure real benefits for our business members.

Our directory is designed to provide a long-term source of marketing and revenue opportunities. We work continuously to market our business members to the public. This means consistently driving new and returning visitors to their listings, promotions, and storefronts.

The key to our strategy is the integration of local businesses into our live events and turn-key marketing systems. These events allow businesses not only to be discovered but also to foster lasting connections with their audience. Our goal is to deliver not just momentary visibility, but sustained benefits through long-term marketing efforts.

In a world where directories come and go, we aim to be the singular reliable and trusted partner for businesses. We offer the tools and strategies that tie everything together, ensuring consistent ROI and growth. Our commitment is to help your business succeed now and in the years to come.

About the founders

Treasure Trove Toronto emerged from the collaboration between dedicated professionals at Quiet City Design and React Signs Connect, representing more than just a business endeavour; it’s a movement! Our goal is to seamlessly blend innovative advertising with digital marketing expertise, encouraging residents to explore and embrace the spirit of local enterprise.

Our Pledge and Mission 

Our primary goal is to support local businesses. We’re offering them a strong foundation to tackle the challenges they face in the market. By bringing together cutting-edge advertising solutions from React Signs Connect and digital marketing expertise from Quiet City Design, we’re establishing a compelling and long-lasting path for businesses to connect with their local community. Our aim goes beyond just increasing visibility; it’s about nurturing enduring relationships between businesses and their cherished customers.

Len Marshall, owner of Quiet City Design, focuses his digital marketing expertise on helping local business owners recover their earnings, customer base, and time, all while staying on track with their core business goals. With skills in website development, online review generation, and SMS text marketing, Len plays a crucial role in connecting businesses with their digital audiences.

Leslie Stoute, the driving force at React Signs Connect, is deeply committed to making advertising more accessible for local businesses. Through React Signs Connect, Leslie has provided free video advertising screens, transforming the atmosphere within stores and boosting businesses into the local spotlight.

About the events

Treasure Hunt Adventures bring participants together on Saturdays to explore the unique charm of our city. Participants are guided through exciting challenges that lead them to local businesses. These businesses not only benefit from increased foot traffic but also gain an opportunity to showcase their products and services in a fun and engaging way.

The success of these events lies in the element of surprise and discovery. Participants often stumble upon businesses they may not have visited otherwise, and the feedback from both attendees and local business owners has been incredibly positive. As a result, Treasure Hunt Adventures has become a bridge, connecting consumers with local businesses while providing a vibrant and memorable experience for the community.

Treasure Hunt Adventures have a unique way of engaging local consumers. In a post-COVID-19 world, many people are more inclined to support local businesses, and our events provide a perfect avenue for this. Participants get to explore their city, discover hidden gems, and make connections with local entrepreneurs.

These adventures tap into the desire for authentic and meaningful experiences. They not only offer an exciting way to spend a Saturday but also connect participants with businesses they might have missed in the shifting retail landscape. This engagement fosters a sense of community and reminds participants of the treasures within their own city.

Moreover, the events create a sense of togetherness and community spirit, which is especially valuable during these times of change. The local impact extends beyond just businesses; it’s about rekindling the sense of neighbourhood pride and connection.

About sponsorship opportunities

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